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Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. (MBPI), a provider  of vehicle service contracts, commonly known as extended car warranties, was established in 1981 in St. Louis, Missouri by James W. Orr, Jr. and Chick Bright.  After Mr. Bright’s untimely death, Mr. Orr moved the company to Kansas City, Missouri, where it continued to expand its services.  In 1999, Mr. Orr purchased land in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and built MBPI’s state-of-the-art business headquarters.  Upon witnessing the success of his vehicle service contract (extended car warranty) business after the first twenty years, Mr. Orr decided to share more of the wealth with his employees, and in 2001, he sold a portion of the company to his employees through an ESOP transaction.  To this day, MBPI has over 38 employee-owners who, along with Mr. Orr’s guidance and leadership, have propelled MBPI to the top service contract administrative company in the United States, according to the latest J.D. Power survey of dealer service contract providers.

The purpose of MBPI is to design, market and administrate quality extended vehicle service contracts to the automobile industry.  Much of MBPI’s success can be attributed to the firm’s original philosophy: to seek out select, quality dealers in targeted geographical areas, and provide the highest possible level of service to those dealers. 

MBPI is proud that over one hundred auto dealers have been doing business with us since we first started offering vehicle service contracts in 1981.  We currently have over five hundred active dealerships in our customer base.  MBPI encourages prospective customers to call satisfied dealerships for references on our vehicle service contracts.  Or, call us directly at 800.325.7484.  Our live operators and award-winning claims department will handle your call with efficient service so that you can “get back on the road” knowing that your vehicle is covered under a comprehensive vehicle service contract (extended car warranty contract).