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Auto Service Contracts and Warranties Explained

Auto Service Contracts and Warranties

If you’re shopping for a new or used car, the salesperson may encourage you to buy an auto service contract to help protect against unexpected or costly repairs. While a service contract may sound like a good idea, it may overlap with the vehicle’s existing manufacturer’s warranty. So before you spend the extra money, do some research to see if an auto service contract makes sense. Coverage varies widely.

Winter Driving Tips: What To Do When You Get in an Accident

With winter weather sweeping the nation recently, it’s important more than ever to remember winter driving tips. Knowing how to handle your vehicle in snowy and icy conditions is a must, as is preparing your car for winter driving and stocking up on your winter emergency kit essentials.

What to Pack in Your Winter Emergency Car Kit: Part 2

emergency car kit

In part one of our winter emergency car kit blog series, we covered some of the essentials that should be packed in your trunk in case inclement weather strands you while you're on the road. So far, an LED light, water and food, and winter clothing are all items that you need stashed in your emergency car kit. Here are a few more items that you should include:

First Aid Kit

What to Include In Your Winter Emergency Car Kit: Part 1

emergency car kit

All around the country, areas are getting the first snow of the season. While you may remember the big things like shoveling your driveway and clearing off your car’s windshield, it is crucial to pay attention to the little things this time of year. At Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc., we would like to think we have the power to prevent vehicle breakdown, but we just don’t. So, until then, we encourage you to create an emergency car kit.

Winter Emergency Car Kit Essentials

LED Light

Keep the Roads Safe With Winter Driving Tips

winter driving tips

As we transition from fall into winter, it is important that you employ some basic winter driving tips. When the weather gets worse, the roads can become very dangerous. However, with some winter driving tips in hand, you will be much safer. At Mechanical Breakdown Prevention, Inc. of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, we are dedicated to helping you avoid car breakdowns, and winter driving tips can help you achieve just that. So, before you hit an icy road, be certain to familiarize yourself with these winter driving tips.

The Key to Mechanical Breakdown Prevention: Good Car Maintenance

car maintenance

At Mechanical Breakdown Prevention, Inc. of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, we are dedicated to helping you prevent mechanical breakdowns. Although some breakdown issues cannot be prevented, many breakdown-related issues can be avoided by way of good car maintenance. In an effort to further our mission of car breakdown prevention, we have created a list of some simple car maintenance tips.

Car Maintenance Tips:

Car Maintenance Tip #1 - Regular Oil Changes

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