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What to Include In Your Winter Emergency Car Kit: Part 1

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All around the country, areas are getting the first snow of the season. While you may remember the big things like shoveling your driveway and clearing off your car’s windshield, it is crucial to pay attention to the little things this time of year. At Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc., we would like to think we have the power to prevent vehicle breakdown, but we just don’t. So, until then, we encourage you to create an emergency car kit.

Winter Emergency Car Kit Essentials

LED Light

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself stranded during a snowstorm, an LED light -- beacon specifically -- can be a lifesaver. Getting stranded does not always equate to losing car electricity. However, it sometimes does. When this happens, signaling for help is of the utmost importance. What makes an LED beacon so helpful is that it has the power to still produce a strong signal through snowy conditions. Also, a beacon, will do the signaling for you as it flashes on and off for help. For good measure, add 1-2 LED flashlights to your list, too.

Water & Food

Depending on how remote of an area you are stranded in, it may be awhile before help arrives. Because of this, staying hydrated is key. To avoid dehydration, keep jugs of water in your emergency car kit. This time of year, remember to keep a cooler handy. Why? This can help keep your emergency car kit’s water supply from completely freezing when the temperature drops.

Although water is one of the most important items, don’t discredit the necessity of having food included in your emergency car kit. Having high-energy food -- think energy bars, trail mix, etc. -- is crucial, as it will give your body the fuel it needs in emergency circumstances.

Winter Clothing

You have probably heard that it is always important to dress for the weather when you are traveling in the wintertime. Additionally, you will need to pack for the weather. This means having extra thermal and waterproof gloves, hats, scarves, jackets, pants, and boots is essential. Wearing wet clothing is one of the easiest ways to quickly lose body heat, something nobody in these circumstances wants. When it comes to your emergency car kit, weather-appropriate clothing is a must.

Mechanical breakdown happens. When it does, be sure you have your emergency car kit ready. With extremely cold temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions prevalent, you never know when you will find yourself stranded.

For more emergency car kit tips, tune into our next blog.

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