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Keep the Roads Safe With Winter Driving Tips

winter driving tips

As we transition from fall into winter, it is important that you employ some basic winter driving tips. When the weather gets worse, the roads can become very dangerous. However, with some winter driving tips in hand, you will be much safer. At Mechanical Breakdown Prevention, Inc. of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, we are dedicated to helping you avoid car breakdowns, and winter driving tips can help you achieve just that. So, before you hit an icy road, be certain to familiarize yourself with these winter driving tips.

Winter Driving Tips:

Winter Driving Tip #1 - Inspect your tires.

One of the most important winter driving tips is maintaining safe, winter-ready tires. When it is cold outside and the roads are snow and ice-laden, having good tires is critical. If you are wondering what “good” winter tires are, take heed. For optimal control of your vehicle, tires need to have good traction, which enables them to grip the road well, and they need to be well-inflated. Additionally, switching to winter tires is advisable if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions.

Winter Driving Tip #2 - Check your windshield washer fluid & defrost unit.

No matter how well your tires drive in the snow, windshield washer fluid is an absolute must. When it comes to winter driving tips, paying attention to details like this is important. If your windshield becomes dirtied with snow and dust, it will become virtually impossible to see through it when driving. And, as every good driver knows, visibility on the road is crucial. On the same token, a functioning defroster, also known as a defogger, is paramount, as it enables you to see outside of your windshield when it is foggy or there is frost on this entity.

Winter Driving Tip #3 - Survey your coolant system.

Protecting your car’s coolant system is also a must on our list of winter driving tips. When it is cold outside, your vehicle’s coolant system serves to protect your car from very cold temperatures. One of the easiest ways to ensure this car component is running accordingly is to maintain a proper half-and-half mixture of water and antifreeze. Moreover, it is important to have other components of the coolant system surveyed at routine car checkups.

Winter Driving Tip #4 - Carry emergency supplies.

If you do find yourself broken down, there are still some winter driving tips that can help you. For example, keeping a thick blanket (or two), a flashlight, a fully charged mobile phone, an ice scraper and a shovel, and flares can help when you have wintertime car trouble. Winter driving can be tricky; however, these winter driving tips are sure to help you arrive safely when it is cold and snowy outside. Having mechanical breakdown trouble? Don’t worry, Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Inc. of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, can help. For more information about how you can protect your vehicle throughout the winter driving season, contact our Lee’s Summit, Missouri, location at (816) 287-2277.