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What to Pack in Your Winter Emergency Car Kit: Part 2

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In part one of our winter emergency car kit blog series, we covered some of the essentials that should be packed in your trunk in case inclement weather strands you while you're on the road. So far, an LED light, water and food, and winter clothing are all items that you need stashed in your emergency car kit. Here are a few more items that you should include:

First Aid Kit

It's a good idea to place a first aid kit in your emergency car kit in case anyone gets injured due to the inclement weather conditions. Being able to treat any wounds quickly can help their chances of achieving a full recovery once they can be seen in a hospital. You can buy a pre-made first aid kit at a drug store, or even make your own kit by purchasing a box or bag and filling it with bandages of various sizes, antibacterial ointment, pain medication, antihistamines, anti-darrheal medication, a bandana and safety pins to fashion a makeshift arm sling, antiseptic towelettes or hand sanitizer, latex gloves, tweezers, a gauze roll, and a thermometer. The first aid equipment in your emergency car kit may even come in handy when you're not in immediate danger -- during road trips you can easily address any cuts or scrapes.

Matches, Candles, and Tin Cans

You'll want matches and candles in your emergency car kit for warmth, light, and signaling purposes. That way, you don't exhaust your LED flashlight by using it for things that could be accomplished with a simple candle. You can also use the fire to heat up canned meats to eat. Empty tin soup cans or even coffee canisters make great lanterns for the candles -- simply place them inside the cans and light them so you don't have to worry about holding the candles or knocking them over. A fire is the last thing you need when you're using your emergency car kit!

Battery-powered Radio & Spare Batteries

When you're in a situation where your emergency car kit is in use, you probably can't afford to keep your car on to listen to the radio. That's when a battery-powered radio will come in handy. Use it to listen to the forecast, hear road conditions, and even see if a search party has been sent out to look for your vehicle. Staying up-to-date with the latest conditions can help you determine if walking to a nearby location to get help is a good idea, or if the weather necessitates that you stay in the car. And, extra batteries are a must for any emergency car kit, as they can be used in radios, flashlights, and more!

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