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Total Package - What's Covered

Tire, Wheel, & Rim Protection

Protection from potholes, nails, and other road hazards.

Dent & Ding Protection

Protection from dents and dings on horizontal and vertical panels including the hood, trunk, and roof.

Windshield Repair Protection

Protection from minor windshield chips and cracks caused by propelled rocks and road debris.

Key Protection (optional)

Protection from the costly repair/replacement and emergency assistance of a covered key/remote.

Roadside Assistance

Up to $80 for towing or flat-tire changing service.

Car Rental

Up to $35 per day/3-day maximum.

Flat Tire Repair

Up to $35 per tire.

Trip Interruption

Up to $100 per day/3-day maximum for lodging and meal reimbursement if your covered vehicle is disabled due to road hazard damage more than 100 miles from your home.