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Premier (Our Most Comprehensive Coverage)

Premier provides maximum protection to extend mechanical breakdown coverage beyond the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Premier is the most comprehensive coverage available excluding only a few components.


  1. Maintenance services and parts, including: engine tune-up, suspension alignment, wheel balancing, filters, lubricants, engine coolant, drive belts, radiator hose, heater hose, by-pass hose, vacuum and gas hoses, wiper blades, air conditioning recharge, fluids, spark/glow plugs and wires, manual clutch disc lining, pressure plate, throwout bearings, brake pads, drums, rotors and linings, distributor cap, wiper arms, pcv valve and pcv hose/line.
  2. Alignment of bumper and body parts, service adjustments/cleaning, tightening of fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws). Door handles, door hinges, cup holders, consoles, knobs, televisions, telephones, air shocks and air springs.
  3. Glass, lenses, sealed beams and light bulbs. Headlamp assembly, tail light assembly, brake light assembly and fog lamp assembly.
  4. Tires, wheels and studs, wheel covers, battery and cables, shock absorbers.
  5. Aftermarket parts and accessories not produced by the VEHICLE’S manufacturer.
  6. Bumpers, impact absorbers, sheet metal, body panels, frame and sub-frame, welds, carpet, trim, upholstery, convertible or vinyl tops, moldings and bright metal, air and water leaks, wind noise, weatherstrips, squeaks and rattles, paint, rust, airbag systems, safety restraint systems, dashpad and sun visors.
  7. Loss caused by contaminated fuel system, exhaust system (except exhaust manifold). Fuel injectors covered for electrical failure only.