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Ultra (Includes Powertrain and Classic)

Ultra is an outstanding plan at an economical price. It includes Powertrain and Classic coverages, plus most of your vehicle's "high-tech" items.

ADDITIONAL ELECTRIC: Power window motors (excluding regulators), power seat motor, convertible top motor (excluding regulators and frame), power sunroof motor (excluding regulators and frame), power door lock actuator, power antenna motor (excluding mast), main engine computer/processor, instrument cluster (containing: speedometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, volt gauge, temperature gauge and tachometer), cruise control servo and transducer/module.

ABS BRAKES: Wheel-speed sensors, hydraulic pump/ motor assembly.

LEVEL RIDE DAMPING SUSPENSION: Compressor, all sensors, control module, actuating solenoids, damping actuator and mode selector switch.

FOUR WHEEL STEERING: Rear steering shaft and coupling, power cylinder and pump, sensors, electronic control unit/solenoid, phase control unit, steering box/ control valve/rack, tie rods and ends.

COOLING: and fan clutch, engine cooling fan motor and heater core.

FUEL SYSTEM: Electronic fuel injection sensors, fuel injectors covered for electrical failure only, electronic fuel delivery pump, vacuum pump, oxygen sensor and metal fuel delivery lines.