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Tire & Wheel Coverage

Tire Replacement

If the tire is non-repairable.

Roadside Assistance

Up to $80 for towing or flat-tire changing service

Mounting and Balancing

Covers the costs of mounting, balancing, valve stems and disposal of a tire and/or wheel

Alloy Wheel Cosmetic Repair 

(Optional feature)

For minor cosmetic damage repairs to alloy wheels with a factory wheel brushed or painted surface (up to $800 over the life of the contract)

Flat Tire Repair

Up to $35 per tire

Car Rental

Up to $35 per day/3-day maximum

Wheel Repair or Replacement

If damage to the wheel prevents tire from forming an airtight seal

Trip Interruption

Up to $100 per day/3-day maximum for lodging and meal reimbursement if your covered vehicle is disabled due to road hazard damage more than 100 miles from your home