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The single most important relationship between MBPI and our Dealership clients is the one we share with the end consumer. This makes the claims process and adjudication one of the top reasons for choosing an administrator like ourselves. We strive to make sure that our integrity and passion for the customer reduces friction a vehicle buyer may have at the time of a mechanical breakdown.

It’s interactions like these between us and your customer that can decide whether or not they come back to you to buy their next vehicle. With this in mind you can rest with peace knowing MBPI’s claims service is second to none. Our claims department is staffed with seasoned, knowledgeable professionals. Their combined expertise gives us great synergy in addressing the dealer’s and consumer’s needs on a broad platform. We continually seek out automotive industry professionals whose talents will add dimension to our capabilities. With over 200 years of combined experience, it is no wonder MBPI is one of the top rated administrative companies in the United States. Our claims adjusters are ASE certified with the majority of them having dealership experience.

Our goal is to adjudicate claims with professionalism, fairness, accuracy and efficiency. Every incoming call is answered by a live operator to help guide you through the claims process.


The following procedures must be followed before performing repairs:
Repair order claim should reflect the three “C’s”:

Complaint, Cause, & Correction

Step 1: Verify that the vehicle presented for repairs is the vehicle described on the service contract. (Match the vehicle identification number.)
Step 2: Verify customer’s name on the service contract.
Step 3: Verify that the service contract is in force and has not expired due to time or mileage.
Step 4: Determine that the needed repair is a covered component. (Refer to service contract under “Covered and Non-Covered Items” section, or contact MBPI Claims Department.)
Step 5: Verify any manufacturer’s factory warranty or Special Policy Programs covering the vehicle.
Step 6: Verify any previous related repairs.
Step 7: Make available service records, if required.

Dealership responsibilities under this program include completing repairs properly, preparing and submitting the claim and all supporting documents. Retain files which support all claims.


Authorization must be obtained BEFORE starting a repair of a covered component.

Step 1: Vehicle Service Contract Number
Step 2: Customer’s Full Name
Step 3: Year, Make, Model and VIN
Step 4: Current Odometer Reading
Step 5: Repair Order Number
Step 6: Make Available Service Records (if required)
Step 7: Customer Complaint, Cause of Failure and Correction to Repair

Telephone number for authorization:
(877) 238-3417

The claim number is an authorization for the agreed upon repair amount only.
NOTE: Additional repair or costs require a supplemental authorization.


Collect from the customer their deductible (as stated on the Vehicle Service Contract) and any other items NOT included in your claim authorization.
IMPORTANT: After receiving the authorization number, e-mail
( or fax (816-347-8224) the following:

Step 1: Copy of the dealership repair order, signed by the customer.
Step 2: Copy of any tow bills, car rental receipts, outside parts receipts, or sublet repairs.
Step 3: Copy of the manufacturer’s warranty repair order, when repair is under factory warranty.

Note: Authorized claims must be submitted within 90 days. Claims over 90 days will be considered void.


Some “Mechanical Breakdowns” may require inspection by an independent adjuster. In the event you are informed the vehicle is to be inspected:

Step 1: Obtain authorization for tear down from the owner of the vehicle.
Step 2: Component must be disassembled for inspection.
Step 3: Have the service records available for verification of proper maintenance if required.

Click this link to find out how to file a claim as a Contract Holder

MBPI’s contact information for claims:
250 NE Mulberry
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
Telephone: (800) 325-7484
Fax: (816) 347-8224

To ensure peace of mind, all of our products are backed by A.M Best “A” rated Underwriters. With MBPI you won’t be caught with a provider that can’t provide for you in the future.

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